Machar Granite: Lost In History – Album Review


Machar Granite are an Edinburgh based four piece who released Lost In History, their debut album, way back in the middle of 2009. Fair to say this isn’t the most timely of reviews then, but better late than never.
One of a wave of bands who proudly go for a folky sound, it would be easy for Machar Granite to get lost in the shuffle. Thankfully on the evidence of Lost In History there should be enough to make them stand out from the weaker of the pack.
The album kicks off with a couple of rockier tracks which although perfectly good don’t resonate the way the later, gentler tracks do. Round about the middle the album hits it’s strongest points, with Out Goes a Light and Heart of My Exsistence being real standouts for me. From the middle on the album remains strong. There’s an air of Prevention era De Rosa about the songs at time, but it’s never overpowering, just a similar kind of feeling. Considering my opinions on De Rosa, it’s no bad thing.
It’s not a perfect album, but it is a good one. It takes a little bit to find it’s feet for me, but when it does it tarts to leave an impression. There’s certainly more than enough here to merit having a listen at least, and hopefully Machar Granite will remain a band worth paying attention to in future.

Lost In History can be purchased directly from the band through their website (link below) and downloaded from iTunes (there’s a link below for that too.)
Machar Granite - Lost In History
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