Manic Pop Thrills Presents:


Another gig to flag up, this time one away from Glasgow.

Presented by our friends over at Manic Pop Thrills, taking place on November 29th upstairs in the Westport Bar in Dundee.

Tickets are £5 from Groucho’s and the first 50 advance purchasers will also get a free EP on arrival. Pop over to Manic Pop Thrills if you need any more details.

I must confess to knowing nothing about Hookers For Jesus, but Panda Su and Kid Canaveral re both big favourites round here. Haven’t heard much of Saint Jude’s Infirmary – their albums are patiently waiting for me to have money to buy them – but what I’ve heard sounds pretty lovely.


  1. Cheers, Jim. The plug is much appreciated!