Me, Talking Rubbish


Oops, gone a bit longer between pots than I’d meant to. There’s also an ominous looking submission pile that needs attention. While I attempt to do something about that, how would you like to hear some songs interspersed with me talking nonsense?

Last week I got together with my pal Allan to record a wee podcast for Insularis Records, the results of which you can hear below.

We played ten songs, and I mainly ignored both Scottish music and new music for it, because I’m awkward like that. If you’ve always wanted to hear what I sound like when talking about things quite randomly, now you can.

Since recording I’ve done fact checking, and can add two pieces of into to things, 1 – Spiritualized have a new album imminent, which will presumably make up some of their set on their upcoming tour. 2. Kate Radley married Richard Ashcroft of The Verve.

Go buy some records from Insularis.