Miaoux Miaoux: Blooms – EP Review


Miaoux Miaoux is Julian Corrie, and although he already has an album, Rainbow Bubbles, to his name my exposure to him previous to this EP comes only from a Zoey Van Goey remix and being a member of Maple Leaves.
The upside to this is that it means I can approach the Blooms EP with no expectations or preconceptions. The downside is that I’ve clearly been missing out.

Even without knowing what to expect I didn’t think I’d be quite so impressed. Put simply, this EP is fantastic stuff.

Some songs and albums seem to match up perfectly with the time of year and Blooms is one of them, it is perfectly fitting in both title and content for the dawning of spring.
The three songs on the EP sound bright, fresh and new, positively bursting with energy.
There’s never a dull moment, but for me Snow particularly stands out, with a lengthy intro and a sweeping melody that grabs hold from the off, sweet, gentle vocals, before building to a crashing, beautiful climax, it’s a song that just makes makes me smile like an idiot.
As I said already, fantastic stuff.


The Blooms EP will be launched on Tuesday 16th March with a gig at the 13th Note. It will be available on CD, and also as a download from miaouxmiaoux.com.