Mitchell Museum – Tiger Heartbeat


Yep, this is pretty much a blatant plug rather than a proper post, but since it is for one of our favourite bands I feel clean and guilt free.

Mitchell Museum have a new single out now.
Tiger Heartbeat was released first last summer and managed to be the first cassette I’d bought in around 10 years. The launch gig in King Tut’s also happened to be one of the things that helped give me a boot up the backside with regards Aye Tunes and wasn’t just my first time seeing Mitchell Museum live, but also We’re Only Afraid of NYC.
The single isn’t a straight re-release though, Tiger Heartbeat has been completely rerecorded and reworked a bit since the original release. Also, there’s a splendid video, which you can watch below.

Mitchell Museum: ‘Tiger Heartbeat’ 8-bit Extended Directors Cut from mitchell museum on Vimeo.

Tiger Heartbeat is available now from pretty much everywhere, including eMusiciTunes and Amazon.

Also, you can download a couple of remixes for free!