New Release: Lovers Turn To Monsters – Pandas, Hearts, Blankets & Birds


Back in June Lovers Turn To Monsters, or Kyle as he’s also known, released his first “proper” album in the shape of Beyond Glasgow Howls. It was really very good, but at the time I forgot to say much about it. It seems only right then that I give a proper mention to the new Lovers Turn To Monsters release then.

Recorded between June and September, Pandas, Hearts, Blankets & Birds is yet more proof that you never have to wait a long time for a new Lovers Turn To Monsters song. Unlike many Kyle seems to produce countless songs a year, and none of them are ever something that feels like it was dashed out in an afternoon to pass some time. The ten songs on Pandas, Hearts, Blankets & Birds are very much in the lo-fi indie pop ilk, and much less polished than a “proper” recording would be, but the home made feel to them holds a certain charm for me. Besides, it isn’t as if they sound like they’ve been recorded in a shed with a cheap tape recorded, the sound is lo-fi, but still sounds fab.

10 tracks of indie pop loveliness then, available to download for free. What more do you want? Crudely recorded samples from The Simpsons you say? Well you’re in luck, the album has them too!

<p>&amp;lt;a href=””&amp;gt;Pandas, Hearts, Blankets &amp;amp;amp; Birds by Lovers Turn to Monsters&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt;</p>

Download Pandas, Hearts, Blankets & Birds for free from Bandcamp, or pay next to nothing for a home made CD. While you are there poke around the Bandcamp page a bit more and you’ll see what I mean about Lovers Turn To Monsters being prolific, there’s a ton of music up there, lots of it for free.

Lovers Turn To Monsters: FacebookBandcamp