New Release: Remember Remember – The Quickening


It is a busy wee week for new records, one of those ones that my wallet usually hates. Lucky for me I’ve been saving up my eMusic credits in anticipation of a few of these releases, so could go on a shopping spree without also going bankrupt. Less helpfully it means I’m writing some of the new release posts before I’ve actually listened to the record properly, so I can’t comment on them very much.

The Quickening is the second album from Remember Remember, and the first with a full band rather than Graeme Ronald handling everything on his own. I’ve been looking forward to new Remember Remember music since catching the band¬†support¬†Mogwai back in January, and everything I’ve heard from or about The Quickening since then has just built anticipation. The album is playing in the background as I write this, and so far I’m not disappointed, it sounds gorgeous.

The Quickening is out now on Rock Action Records. Available on CD and LP from HMV, Amazon on CDor Download, and download from iTunes.