News & Bits – April 12th


Time for a wee round up of new releases and other goings on. All the news about Record Store Day this Saturday can be found off in a post of its own here.

New Releases:
Originally available as part of the deluxe pre-order version of their debut album, Conquering Animal Sound have now made Kammerspiel Remixed available to buy as a download. There’s some very pretty art prints available too. Both can be found at the Gizeh Records shop.
The Darien Venture‘s EP, Indications, is out now. Available from all the usual places and directly from Overlook Records. I’ve got a review of this needing finished off, but the short version amounts to “the EP is very good, buy a copy”.
Esperanza release their debut album, Permanent Ska. You can buy it on Bandcamp.
Something Beginning With L release their debut EP, The Listed Building EP. This is really good, and includes a cover of a Magoo song, which is highly approve of. Again, you can find it on Bandcamp.
Spring Offensive have a new single, A Stutter and a Start. All good download places, etc.
Verse Metrics have released the song Horoscopes, taken from their VM1 EP. You can get the track in exchange for some Twitter or Facebook clicking here.
All Change:
Seems to be the season for bands reinventing themselves. First it was The Social Services becoming Tall Tales, now another pair of bands have changed name.
Barn Owl are now Silver Caves, which will save me being very confused when the other Barn Owl are mentioned. They’ve also kindly put a couple of tracks up on Bandcamp to download for free.
After changing their line up a bit BMovie Junkies have also gone and changed their name. They are now Bad McNulty, and you can find them on Facebook and Soundcloud.
Japan Fundraisers:
As promised last week, some info on a few things to raise money for the relief effort in Japan.
Love Letter To Japan features 18 tracks from Scottish artists, some previously unavailable, some hard to find, including the first new song from Eugenius in 15 years. You can buy the album for a limited time from Bandcamp.
Songs For The Land of the Rising Sun is an album that first went on sale at the Endor gig in the Captain’s Rest the other week. The album was put together by Pelmet Nights and Gathering Whispers. A digital release is coming this week, I’ll update with links when I have them.
On May 3rd there’s another fundraising gig taking place. The gig is at The Thirteenth Note, with Mitchell Museum, Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Punk Band (making yet another appearance in one of my news posts) and Lady North on the bill.

There isn’t a great deal else to report and Bandcamp trawling hasn’t thrown up much this week.
mini50 Records have a free to download Spring Sampler though, which is worth grabbing, here.
Over on Song, by Toad you can listen to and watch a brilliant Toad Session with Thirty Pounds of Bone. You should, it is really good. Find it here.
Looking ahead a bit, Aerials Up are planning the release of their first EP. They’ll be playing at King Tut’s on April 30th with the EP, Superglue, coming out the next day. Tickets for the Glasgow gig are available here, and I’ll have more about the EP nearer the time of release.