News & Bits – June 6th

Time for the weekly news round up, always an exciting time I’m sure you’ll agree.

New Releases:

A Band Called Quinn – Wolf Cries Boy (single). Buy from iTunes. There’s a free launch gig at The Buff Club on Tuesday, and a video here.
Dananananaykroyd – Muscle Memory (single). Buy from Amazon, iTunes.
FOUND – Anti Climb Paint (Single). Buy from Amazon, iTunes. Read more about the single here.
GoGoBot – Do You Remember? (single). Buy from Amazon, iTunes.
Roddy Hart & Gemma Hayes – The Dylan EP. Buy from Amazon, iTunes.
Hector Bizerk – Hector Bizerk EP. Buy from iTunes.
If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now – A Room Dim At Noon (album). Buy from iTunes. If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now play alongside Black Jash at Nice N Sleazy on Sunday, with an early kick off time of 1:30pm. There will be cassettes apparently.
IndianRedLopez – Empty Your Lungs and Breathe (album. Buy from Bandcamp.
Pose Victorious – Beneath the Lighthouse (EP). Buy from iTunes.
Scarlet Shift – Give Up the Ghost (EP). Buy from Bandcamp.
Song Of Return – Limits (album). Buy from Bandcamp.
On This Week:
No gig guide this week, so Favourite Son gets a one time plug for his here.
Between goNorth, Rockness, The West End Festival, The Leith Festival and Doune the Rabbit Hole on top of the usual selection of gigs there is plenty to keep you occupied this week, wherever you are.
There’s also the second MILK gig at Flat 0/1 on Wednesday, with Otherpeople and Bwani Junction.
I’m mostly staying at home and saving money, since the Aye Tunes bills need to be paid this week. Donations welcome.
We Have a Winner:
Congratulations to Susie McNinch who won the Ladytron tickets competition. Thanks to everyone else who entered, there were loads of you.
(Almost) Party Time:
I’ll shut up about the birthday gig soon – and immediately start annoying you with chat about another gig – but not quite yet. I mentioned last week there are a few free tickets on the go, but the list is now almost full, so if you want a freebie let me know quickly.
That other gig I’ll be pestering you about is The Last Battle‘s EP launch, more specifically the Glasgow leg of the launch tour. The launch takes place in Stereo on July 1st, with support from The Second Hand Marching Band and Loch Awe. Tickets are available in advance for £4 here.
The Springwell EP has five tracks and will be released fully on July 18th, with advance copies available at the launch gigs.
Adam Stafford’s new album Build a Harbour Immediately is available for pre-order now from Insularis Records. The album launch is at Stereo on August 20th, since me and Peenko decided we liked the album enough to badger Adam into letting is put together another AVP gig to celebrate the release. Holler for tickets.
The Party’s Over, the debut album from King Post Kitsch, comes out next Monday. Ahead of the release you can grab a free download of Walking On Eggshells from the album here.
The Pineapple Chunks have made a new song available for free to tease their upcoming album. Look Back In Horror can be downloaded here, while the album A Dog Walked In follows in August.
Honey have made their debut EP available for free here.
Captain and the Kings round off the freebie selection with Restless, which you can grab here.