News & Bits – May 23rd


I almost got hit by a flying bin earlier today, and the wee plastic greenhouse in the garden has lost its cover. Now, on to the rest of the news.

New Releases:
Aviation For Kids – This Airplane… (EP). Available from Bandcamp.
Dead Boy Robotics/The Machine Room – Tape Singles Club #1 (Split Single). Buy from iTunes.
Mogwai – San Pedro (Single). Buy from iTunes.
Miaoux Miaoux – Hey Sound! (single). Buy from iTunes/Bandcamp. CDs available at tomorrow’s launch gig, with extra tracks too.
Penguins Kill Polar Bears – Sapling (single). Buy from iTunes.
She’s Hit/Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers – Shimmer Shimmer/Lemonade (split single). Buy from Bandcamp.
Zoey Van Goey – Mountain On Fire (Single). Buy from iTunes.
Aye Tunes (Wants) Presents:
Not content with an Aye Tunes Presents gig in July and the return of Aye Tunes Vs Peenko in August, I’m cramming in a gig in June too. We’ll be having a special birthday bash on the 17th of June at The Flying Duck to mark the blog turning three (even though I did next to nothing in the first year) and me turning quite a bit older than that. I can’t tell you who is playing just yet though, mainly due to not having finalised the line-up. So, if you want to volunteer…
Tickets for the upcoming gigs are available here.
Blank Canvas have made a recording of their gig back in March at Edinburgh’s Wee Red Bar available to download free here. They’ll also be playing a free gig at The Wee Red Bar with Discopolis on June 18th, my actual birthday.
DanDanDan release an EP, Happy Happy Joy Joy, on June 10th, but you can pre-order it right now and get a couple of tracks straight away here. There’s a few free downloads on their Bandcamp page too.
More pre-order goodness comes from Steven Flavahan with his Memories + Tragedies EP here, and Mike Nisbet with his album, Vagrant, here.
How Garbo Died will be launching their first proper EP in July with a couple of gigs around the place: 9th July – Stereo, Glasgow, with Tangles, Guanoman and Peter Cat, 10th July – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh and 18th July – The Tunnels, Aberdeen. Have a listen to their home recorded batches on Bandcamp.
Golden Grrrls have a couple of things available on Bandcamp, choose your price.
Carnivores have made their Nights To Infinity EP available to buy from Bandcamp. CDs are still available from their BigCartel store.
The Spook School have CDs to sell you, which you can buy here for a measly £1. There’s also free downloads there, which I think I mentioned before. If I didn’t then I meant to.