Oh, That Looks Good – Gigs This Week



It’s an action packed week this week, so I’m sneaking out from behind all the piles of stuff that usually prevent me from reaching my keyboard to point at things and go “that looks fun!” while you all ignore me because no one even kids on to read the blog anymore, with good reason.

You may detect a hint of smugness through this blog entry. Loads of the bands playing this week have done Aye Tunes gigs before, proving that not every band that does one then splits up or plummets to failure.


My handsome Welsh friends FALLS, who played up here for a gig the other week for me that was, happily, not a financial disaster, have released their very first proper EP today. You can get a copy of Dirtbox here, as a pay what you want download.


The Spook School play Edinburgh, with Heathers and Dora Maar. That’s at Sneaky Pete’s.


The Spook School play Glasgow! This is more exciting to me, since I’ll be going. Me missing The Spook School in Glasgow is a rare occurrence. They’ll be bringing Heathers with them to The Roxy 171, where they’ll be joined by Mistake Pageant and old pal of the blog Kevin P. Gilday. Many years ago Kev & The Spook School both did a gig together for me, so I’m going to claim all the credit for this, even though it doesn’t belong to me.


Campfires In Winter play at Bar Bloc, in what they say will be their last headline gig in Glasgow for a while. Go see them while you have a chance then. Also stick a note in your diary that there’s a new Campfires single coming out on the 12th of May and keep a few quid ready for that.


The Last Battle have been working on their second album for what feels like an eternity. Their Chinese Democracy is finally ready for public consumption – and very enjoyable an album it is too. This is the first of their album launches, taking place at The Roxy 171. Support comes from Neil from Meursault and Adam from Randolph’s Leap. Lay Your Burden Down, the new The Last Battle album, is available here.


Edinburgh gets a chance to in in on The Last Battle album launches. They’ll be at the Liquid Rooms, joined by Lidh and J. Wright Presents.

Back in Glasgow it’s another album launch, as Poor Things through a party to welcome their first, self titled, album into the World. Helping them party down at Stereo are the fantastic Book Group, who have a new EP of their own imminent, and the far from shabby Secret Motorbikes. You can get tickets, or a ticket and album bundle for the gig here.


“Jim, how can we end such a fun packed happy week?” you ask? Well, how about going to see anther of the blog favourite bands play their last gig? That’s right, those bastards A Fight You Can’t Win will be breathing their last at Opium in Edinburgh on Saturday, with Hagana and Birdhead helping give AFYCW a fine send off. I can’t make it to this because I’ll be stuck at work, which will save me crying on folk on the Cowgate I suppose.