Panda Su


Day three of the New Artists Showcase gig previews. Are you as surprised as I am that these are appearing on a timely basis?

Panda Su is, mostly, Su Shaw, a young lass from St. Andrews who writes her own songs, sings, and plays guitar, as well as a host of other instruments. being able to play every instrument going is an advantage in the studio, where she can record songs of great beauty, but makes recreating the songs live a bit tricky. To help out she is frequently joined on stage by some helpers, like unofficial second member Adam Phillips – who allegedly can’t play anything – and esperi’s Chris Lee-Marr.

Panda Su makes songs that are mature, gorgeous, and at times melancholy. I can’t wait to catch her on Sunday.

Oh, and she also paints her face to look like a panda.

Panda Su recently released a new EP, Sticks and Brick, produced by Steve Mason, formerly of The Beta Band. You can get copies through her MySpace, or at gigs.

Panda Su MySpace


  1. Jim says:

    Huge apologies to Panda Su, for giving her a really half arsed write up. She had the misfortune of having her feature written while I was exhausted and had had a couple of spectacularly bad and stressful days. I’ll do better in future, I promise.