Paul Haig Day II


First of all, why Paul Haig Day? Over to JC of The Vinyl Villain, the originator of the idea, to explain.

“For those of you who don’t know why a number of us are doing all of this today, it has its genesis in some unhappy times back in Spring 2009 when this and many other blogs were being bombarded with all sorts of DMCA notices that led to postings and accompanying mp3s being removed without warning. One such incident on The Vinyl Villain involved a Paul Haig posting and a few days later, completely out of the blue, I received an email from Paul’s manager saying that they were both bemused by the whole thing given they were the copyright holders of the track and hadn’t made any demands for a takedown. Furthermore, Paul was in fact totally relaxed about bloggers promoting him and his work through making mp3s freely available.

As a way of saying thank you for these words of support, I asked if folk would be interested in designating April 6th as Paul Haig Day when we would collectively write about him and make some songs available. It proved to be a success, and so I thought it worth repeating the venture in 2010.”

A lack of planning ahead and technical issues on the day stopped me from properly taking apart last year, happily no such issues have held me back this year.

Paul Haig is a Scottish composer, musician and singer. Originally a member of Josef K, a band whose influence can be heard all over the first Franz Ferdinand album, as well as in a number of other bands, Haig has since gone on to release a number of albums covering a wide range of styles and sounds.

Last year’s Relive album is, for me, the best thing he’s produced in years, and proves that there’s still plenty of life in Paul Haig. You can download the title track below to get a taste for yourself.

Pail Haig and his management have very kindly the blogs taking part this year an exclusive track to share, a remix of Trip Out The Rider, the opening track of Relive, Haig’s most recent album.

A further remix by Fred Deakin of Lemon Jelly, will be made available as a very exclusive 7″ single later this year.

Paul Haig: WebsiteMySpace