Peenko vs Aye Tunes – The Aftermath


Well now, that was fun.

By 7pm, a good hour before doors were meant to open, we were sold out. You have no idea how happy this made me, and how much it reduced my levels of blind panic which had been high ever since we announced the gig in the first place.
We had what I though was a great line up, so I was delighted to know that the people that would make the gig a success of failure, the crowd we could attract, agreed with us. If you’ve seen my Twitter stream, looked at my Facebook or indeed read the blog (not to mention my email outbox) you’ll know that I buried my natural shyness to do everything I could to drag people along – which is after all the gig promoter’s job – so yeah, I’m happy it worked.
I’m really sorry to the people we had to turn away at the door, if we could have fitted you in we would have. I’m sorry also for the first group of people that were greeted with the sight of me trying to eat a burger while doing the door. The food took ages to arrive, that’s my excuse.
I only got to see little bits of the bands as Lloyd and I took turns going into the cramped downstairs while the other took care of things upstairs, but I did, predictably, like what I heard. I hope everyone that was there did too. I hope you enjoyed your lollies as well.
I really can’t thank Campfires In Winter, Mitchell Museum and Kid Canaveral enough for coming along and playing for us, I really, really appreciate it. Hopefully all three bands won’t feel they’ve been screwed over by a dodgy promoter afterwards.
I have to give a huge thank you to every single person that came along, both the familiar faces and the unfamiliar ones, your support made a nervous Jim a happy man indeed. If you enjoyed yourself anywhere near as much as I did then you should have had a good night.
Is this music? have been quick off the mark with a review here, while Manic Pop Thrills have some snaps and a review too. Obviously I can’t review this one, so if anyone else does then give me a shout and I’ll add the links in here too.
Ooh, more pictures & reviews! Lis, not happy with actually making me blush with something she said earlier, wrote a bit for her blog so skip over to Last Year’s Girl to read that. Claire took some photos which you can find on her Flickr page, and so did Grave Maurice whose photos are here.
Even more photos can be found at, with pictures of Campfires in Winter, Mitchell Museum and Kid Canaveral.
Wull Swales of Define Pop wrote a review too, which he’s kindly let me post in ful. You can read that here.
Mitchell Museum seemed to enjoy themselves, which is good to know!
So, anyone up for Aye Tunes Vs Peenko: The Rematch?


  1. Yes, please, Jim! Review added to pics – will try and get more up on Photobucket shortly.

  2. Jim says:

    Cheers Mike!

  3. definitely jim. it was a fantastic night, kc and mm i have seen beore but i really enjoyed campfires in winter too. a new one for me!
    eddie / mg

  4. Jim says:

    Thanks Eddie, glad you enjoyed it! Good to hear the Machar Granite Presents gig on Saturday went down well too.