Podcart Hit 100


Today sees a bit of a milestone for our pals over at Glasgow Podcart, as they hit their 100th episode of the podcast. For their 100th episode Halina roped in Vic Galloway to swap songs and have a chat. On the podcast are Hidden Orchestra, Salo, Wounded Knee, Craig_FS, Clean George IV, an exclusive new song from Julia & The Doogans, Young Fathers , PAWS, Django Django and Die Hard. You can listen to the podcast down below.
Episode 100: The Milestone by GlasgowPodcART

The podcasts have been in less regular supply this year with “weeks” becoming “episodes”, no doubt the folk that like to complain about Podcart are no doubt happy about that, but when a new one comes along it is always worth a listen. The Glasgow Podcart team do plenty other than the podcast though, so pointing at them and mocking their move from a weekly schedule to a more¬†leisurely¬†one is rather missing the point a bit.

Podcart were a big help to me when I was getting things up and running around here, though these days they are less helpful, mostly choosing instead just to swear at me online when they have an opportunity, but I’ll forgive them for that. Those interested in new music in and around Scotland should be checking in on the Glasgow Podcart website and Facebook for news, tips and gig info. Plus of course the kind of language you’d expect from an inebriated sailor.

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  1. Hamish says:

    I would absolutely love it if all of the criticism Podcart’s faced came down to some old listeners being bitter at the lack of a weekly podcast.

  2. Jim Connick says:

    Now that WOULD be funny.