Presenting Again – Another Aye Tunes Gig




It’s been a while, both since I blogged anything, and since I did a gig type thing. Time to dust off some cobwebs then.

There’s a gig next Wednesday, April 16th. My first one a good nine months, so it’ll be like a little newborn baby. Well, there might be some screaming and crying certainly, but we’ll try not to rip your perineum to shreds.

Here’s who is playing:


Literally the first band put on at a solo Aye Tunes gig, having opened the show at the first event back in January 2011, Boygirlanimalcolour are just back from a lengthy break themselves. I got along to their first gig in three years or so recently and had just as much fun as I did back in the olden days. Describing themselves as 90’s emo throwbacks, expect loud noises, jumping around, and music much more complicated than the jumping around makes it look.


Another band I’ve had before, returning with me for more loud fun. Falls played an Aye Tunes gig a couple of years ago in the days before The Captains Rest closed, which ended up being one of the sweatiest moments of my life. I’m not really seeing this one being much drier, just taking place a wee bit down the road.¬†This time round they’ll be bringing with them their very first proper release, the Dirtbox EP, to launch. Possibly literally, so prepare to duck. Big riffs, huge hooks, loud noises, shouty. Essentially all of the Aye Tunes favourite things. Also Welsh, handsome and heavily tattooed, so take note people who are into those things.

Here’s a teaser for Dirtbox.

Bonus, here’s one of the songs from the EP, Hammers?

The Black Art

Joining the two returning bands are The Black Art. This isn’t just their first Aye Tunes gig, but their first gig anywhere ever. The Black Art say that they are a 2-piece loop-savvy duo that make a considerable racket that lands somewhere between QOTSA and That Fucking Tank. Sounds good to me. Get down early to catch their first performance. You might even already know the men behind The Black Art from past bands.

All this is happening on Wednesday April 16th at The Roxy 171 on Great Western Road. That’s a tiny wee place, so if you are super eager to make sure you can get in you can buy a ticket in advance here.

Bringing a pal? There’s a bundle deal available online only, where you can get a pair of tickets for ¬£8, saving you money to buy chips. Or, if you are bringing a very special friend, some mints and some protection.

Things should kick off around 8pm and it’ll cost you five quid on the door or in advance. That’s right, ONLY five pounds. None of that six quid ticket nonsense for me, cause it saves me messing about with pound coins as much.

If you are into that kind of thing you can say you are coming on Facebook here.