Presenting Again


Goodness, it hardly feels like any time at all since I was a nervous wreck about the last Aye Tunes gig, but here I am with the next one less than two weeks away already.

Continuing our nomadic existence we’re off to another venue again, this time we’ll be setting up shop at The 13th Note on Tuesday, September 11th. I’ll try my best to say nothing inappropriate about the date.

Here’s what’s in store.

Behold, the Old Bear
Once a side project, now a real grown up band, Behold, the Old Bear are the new ship captained by Raindeer of Mitchell Museum fame. A five-piece making “Melodramatic Polar Blitz Alt Pop”, with a debut album coming soon on Gargleblast Records. There’s heartbreak in there too, Peenko sometimes needs a wee cuddle after hearing 7 Maybe 8. Probably my favourite “new” band of the year too. Come and find out why I like them so much for yourself.

Plastic Animals
I’ve been trying to do something with Plastic Animals for ages, even more so after bonding over a shared love of Urusei Yatsura, and finally the stars aligned this time round.  Formed in Edinburgh way back in 2006, they finally got their shit together in 2011 and expanded both their sound and line-up to which has helped develop the sound much more. They make atmospheric, guitar-driven, harmonious noise. They released an EP under the name of “Automaton”. After the first hand-made batch sold out, Scottish DIY label Strange Fish Records are re-releasing it in September. Plastic Animals have shared stages with some terrible bands over the years, but also some great ones like PS I Love You, Milk Maid, Broken Records, The Scottish Enlightenment and PAWS.
Ghosts by Plastic Animals

Left of Venus
Left of Venus is the solo guise of Thomas Campbell,  instrumental guitarist from Glasgow, blending ambience, minimalism, classical, and noise by way of the electric guitar.

So there you go.

That’s Behold, the Old bear, Plastic Animals and Left of Venus at The 13th Note, on the 11th of September.
Doors open at 8pm, and it’ll cost you five quid on the door to get in.
Should you be so inclined, you can claim you are coming on Facebook here, but I’ll be happier to see your faces on the night.