Readers’ Poll 2012


While I try to find time to write up my best of lists for the year it’s time again to have the traditional* Readers’ Poll.
There’s a couple of changes this year. The main one being that hardly anyone bothers to email in answers, so I’ve set up a wee survey page to fill in instead. Since I’m limited to 10 questions a few of the more redundant categories have been cut out this year. I could have kept them in, but after encouragement from people who probably just want to see me burn bridges and get a kicking, this year for the first time I’ve brought in “worst” categories. I’m well aware this is just asking for trouble, but I said I’d do it, and I’m a man of my word.

Quickie rules &regulations type things: 
Answer or skip whatever questions you want, but if a bunch of people answer one question with the same answer it’ll be pretty obvious ballot stuffing.
No ballot stuffing! If it isn’t obvious I probably won’t notice it though.
You can vote for bands, albums etc from anywhere, they don’t have to be Scottish.
Polls close on December 28th, after that I’ll count up the results and post them around new year.
This is meant to be a wee bit of fun, so don’t moan about the results when posted!

 Aye Tunes Readers’ Poll 2012 Categories

Best Album – choose up to three, 1 being your favourite, etc. Same goes for all the “best” categories.
Best Single/EP Basically anything that isn’t an album.
Worst Album/Single/EP – Pick one only, whatever you’ve liked the least from the last year. Same goes for all the “worst” categories but one.
Best Band
Best Solo Artist:
Worst Band/Solo Artist
Best New Band/Solo Artist -New is very subjective, if you first heard of them this year, that’ll do.
Best Music Blog/Website
Best Music Radio Show/Podcast:
Worst Music Blog/Website/Radio Show/Podcast – big category, so you can pick up to three.

You can fill out the poll over here, or, if I haven’t messed up the embedding, right down below.

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*I’ve ran it the last two years, that makes it a tradition.


  1. Look at that. Voted and didn’t even vote for myself!

  2. Black Books says:

    we voted for ourselves in all categories… except favorite music blog. We threw Jim a bone there.