Return of the YAK


Give me an excuse to reference Mark Morrison in a post title and I’ll take it.

You Already Know released their debut album Stop Whispering last year to much acclaim, it also scored a spot in the Aye Tunes favourite albums of 2009. Since the end of last year they’ve been fairly quiet, slipping out a tour CD and a very limited – and excellent – collection of cover versions for Record Store Day earlier this year. The quiet time has been well spent, whipping second album Petrol Money into shape.
Now that Petrol Money is finished, it is time for You Already Know to make a bit of noise again, something they do very well. Starting in October the first fruits of the second album will be released, under a series of digital singles.
YAK’s Allan J Swan says “We have 3 tracks from the album we will be releasing as singles, each in the old 7″ vinyl style of A-side + exclusive B-side. For £1 a month from October to December, we’ll be offering up the finest instrumental riff-based music Scotland has ever offered up. And with all this being digital, you won’t even have to brave the weather to get your fix. It just makes so much sense, i could cry.”

The first single Boomstick will be backed with Into and Over You (Naked), an exclusive acoustic version of another album track. The single is set for release by in October and will be available exclusively on You can hear Boomstick below.

You Already Know are also set to make a return to gigging, with a show at The 13th Note on November 12th. Support comes from DeadOtter and Circle of Tyrants. Go.

<a href="">Boomstick by You Already Know</a>