Rick Redbeard / Adam Stafford Split 7"


The men behind Gerry Loves Records have a knack for getting money out of me. Despite having a barely function record or cassette player, they’ve managed to get me to buy everything they’ve released so far, all on those formats. With their latest split single they’ve got my hand in my pocket looking for a fiver again.

Rick Redbeard, who you may know better from The Phantom Band, takes on his side of the vinyl with Now We’re Dancing. It’s quite gentle, fragile and really rather pretty. Rick’s deep, warm voice is a bit like the aural equivalent of a very welcome hug.

Adam Stafford takes the other side of the single, with Vanishing Tanks. Filled with his now trademark loops of guitar and vocals, with beatboxing thrown in. Add in a storming vocal on top, and a killer hook, and you’ve got one of the best pop songs I’ve heard all year. It’s hardly a secret round these parts that I’m in love with Adam’s stuff, this is just another reminder why, and I’ll keep mentioning it until everyone listens to me.

To celebrate the launch of the single there’s a few gigs on this week:
Thursday 21st June – Henry’s, Edinburgh – Adam Stafford / Rick Redbeard, support from Wounded Knee Tickets
Friday 22nd June – Captain’s Rest, Glasgow – Rick Redbeard / Adam Stafford, support from Yusuf Azak. Tickets
Saturday 23rd June – Cellar 35, Aberdeen – Rick Redbeard / Adam Stafford, support from Debutant. Tickets

The single is available to buy here now. The 7″ comes with a free download, which includes an extra song from each artist.

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  1. Shit, we’ve described Tanks in almost identical terms!