Rob St. John & Ian Humberstone – Split 7"


Split singles can be funny beasts. The Gerry Loves Records team have put out a trio of great ones, yet over in a box in the corner there’s some shockers that I’ve clearly bought for just one of the bands. The Mogwai/Dweeb split seven particularly stands out.

This one though, this falls firmly into the “ace” category. The single features Rob St. John‘s Your Phantom Limb on one side, Ian Humberstone‘s House on the Hill on the other, neither artists that I’m as familiar with as I probably should be. Both songs have a haunted air about them that seems to make them particularly fitting to listen to as the rain batters off my bedroom window, but also a feeling of warmth that makes me glad I’m inside with them.

At a bit over two minutes each this is a quick listen, but a gorgeous one. Best sit near the record player to move the needle back to that start to listen again, and again, and again.

The split single is out now on Song, by Toad Records. The 7″ is available from the Song, by Toad shop, and a download can be bought from iTunes and Amazon.

Rob St. John & Ian Humberstone Split 7″ by Song, by Toad