Saturday Newsround


Beerjacket plays King Tut’s tonight, with support from The Second Hand Marching Band and The Seventeenth Century. Due to a fecking useless friend I’ve got some spare tickets, holler if you need one, otherwise say hello if you go to the gig.

The new Glasgow PodcART podcast is available, this week entitled “Pumped In Venice”. Stream it here, get it through iTunes or Right Click & Save As.

Kochka have had to cancel their single launch at the Classic Grand tonight due to ill health. Get well soon!

Speaking of King Tut’s, There Will Be Fireworks are playing there on the 20th of August. That reminds me, I never did finish that album review.


  1. JC says:

    Sorry Jim….I was out of commission last weekend or I would certainly have taken the offer up.

    I didnt realise The Second Hand Marching Band EP was so limited….I picked it up a few months back on a whim. Its a grower rather than one that hit me right away.