Save The Pop Cop – A Call To Arms


I’m slightly later to the game than others on this one since I didn’t want to do a post last night since I didn’t have all the details yet.

Last night Scottish music blog The Pop Cop was unceremoniously deleted by Blogger. The Pop Cop has been around for about three years, and was one of the main inspirations for me leaving behind the blogs I was doing at the time and moving on to start up Aye Tunes, so to say I’m a bit unhappy at its closure for “code violations” is a bit of an understatement. I may frequently disagree with the choice of bands featured and the opinions expressed, but I always enjoy reading them.
Head over here for all the details on what happened, and why.
Earlier this year a bunch of blogs were shut down around the same time, do a search for “blogocide” to find out more on that story. The good news is that on some of them at least Blogger did a U-turn, and reinstated the blogs. It’s my hope that the same will happen for The Pop Cop.
How can you help? Well, the best thing to do is email to ask that The Pop Cop be put back online. My email was quite heated, but try to remain polite and reasonable, it’s easier to ignore us if we send expletive filled rants.
Since nothing is a campaign without a Facebook page these days there’s one of those too here. By all means join up to show your support, but please, get emailing too.


  1. drew says:

    Another one gone. After the execution of AcidTed I was really pissed off. I’m not sure it will do any good but I am going to send a balanced tirade as you suggest. It really is pish what’s happening. I have already set up ATKT on WordPress but not posted on it as yet as the format and Layout is not as good as Blogger.

  2. Jim says:

    Acid Ted was a real kick in the balls for me too.
    I’m not sure how much good emails will do, technically Blogger can say they were just following their rules, but it’s worth a try.
    I’ve do a daily back of up Aye Tunes just in case, and I’ve got a WordPress account set up if I need it. I spent a good hour fighting with WP last night though and just plain don’t like it, so if I can avoid it I will.

  3. This is a fucking disgrace. I’ll rally the many I know to send emails. Cunts.