Self Promotion Alert

Behold my mighty Paint skills.

This time last week we were hours away from the first Scottish Fiction/Aye Tunes/Peenko blogger circle jerk gig. It went pretty well, good bands and a decent crowd. Rather than do the sensible thing and hibernate for a bit, I have two more gigs in the next three weeks. Let me tell you about them.

First up is another of my solo ventures, as I dust of the ever insightful Aye Tunes Presents label for another gig. As is normal with these gigs now, I’m off to yet another venue this time round. The gig will be in the intimate surroundings of The Roxy 171 on great Western Road. You know the one, it used to be The Liquid Ship ages ago.

Young Philadelphia are the latest in a line of two piece bands making lovely big walls of noise. Debut EP RESI was a deliciously teeth rattling slab of experimental noisy rock, and my ears are still ringing a bit as I write this from seeing them last night. I can hardly wait to see what they do to the small space of The Roxy.

RESI by Young Philadelphia

Easter I first heard on a tip from Song, by Toad. As with many other bands I’ve first heard from there, it was a darn fine tip. Their debut album Innocence Man was released earlier this year, and is a gorgeous bit of work, one of my favourite things I’ve heard this year. I’m delighted then to be welcoming them to Glasgow, all the way from Manchester, for this leg of their current tour. Shades of Pavement, Sebadoh, The Wedding Present and more of that ilk mean Easter would quite happily slot in on a compilation tape of my favourite bands. They aren’t afraid of getting loud either, so there’s a chance of some Scanners style head exploding on the evening.

Damp Patch by Easter

LeThug have been pleasantly tickling my ears for a while now and I’ve been keen to drag them into doing some kind of gig for me for the best part of this year. Naturally then I’m chuffed that the stars aligned this time round, and they’ll be getting the evening going. Bits of ambient electonica, drone, and fuzzy shoegaze all add up to a mighty tasty musical pie. Yum yum.

Demo by LeThug

Tickets for this gig can be bought in advance for £5 here, or you can pay on the door on the night, where it’ll cost you £6.
If you are into Facebook you can indicate your attendance here.
This will be my last solo venture into gig putting on for the year. Maybe longer, but certainly for the year.

After that gig is done, I get to rest for, ooh, a whole week!

The second Scottish Fiction Presents: Aye Tunes Vs Peenko takes place on the last Saturday of the month, November 24th, again at The Flying Duck.
We’ve got a couple of old friends dropping by for this one, in the shape of Campfires In Winter, who played at the very first Aye Tunes Vs Peenko gig, and Behold the Old Bear, who played at my last Aye Tunes gig. Some of Behold the Old Bear also played the first AVP, but let’s not confuse things.
Joining them is the fab Gav Prentice. Gav just released his debut solo album, and we’ll be helping him give The Invisible Hand a good old launching.
Again, you can tell us you are coming over on Facebook.
Tickets for this one cost £6, available on the door or in advance here.