Single Review – eagleowl: Sleep The Winter


Somewhat luckily for me I came to the eagleowl party quite late. While all the people that have loved them since their last release, For The Thoughts You Never Had, have had to wait ages for a follow up I only got that EP recently, when the band offered it as a free download (which you can find here) so my wait for new material hasn’t been long at all.

Even without the long wait, I was still terribly excited when the new single popped up in my inbox a bit ahead of release.

First reaction? Pretty much just “wow”. Followed a few listens later by “this is bloody gorgeous”.
I’ve listened to the single quite a few times since last night, and those two reactions haven’t changed. These songs are bloody gorgeous.
On A-Side Sleep The Winter Bart’s cracked voice is complimented perfectly by Clarissa’s sweet, gentle tones. Likewise guitar and strings work perfectly together. What starts off dark and broody soon becomes warm and uplifting around halfway through, all courtesy of just a few simple changes.
B-Side Laughter is no less gorgeous. Again it keeps things simple, there’s no histrionics, no showing off, just a great song.

Your one word review? Back to that first impression then. Wow. You’ll struggle to find a more perfect seasonal release.
Now, like all the cool kids who picked up the first EP way back last year, I’m eagerly awaiting more new material from eagleowl. With a second EP due next year, hopefully the wait won’t be too long…

The Sleep The Winter 7” single will be launched with a show at The Bowery (2 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9SU) on Friday, December 11th. Doors open at 7.30, entry is £5, and early arrival is strongly advised, so’s not to miss the amazing special guests.
From December 14th the single will be available from select independent record stores, and to order via and You also can listen to and buy it below.

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