Single Review: Over The Wall – Settle Down


Over The Wall are a bit of an unusual band. There’s just the two of them, but unlike most two pieces both Gav and Ben can be found at the front of the stage. Rather than one lurking behind a laptop in the dark as you’d expect both men have equal claim to being the frontman. All of which doesn’t really have anything to do with their new single, other than the chemistry between the pair being obvious throughout.

Settle Down is one of those songs that clicks for me instantly. Kicking off with a drum beat that forces involuntary head bobbing and shouty vocals, before more and more layers creep in. If you aren’t moving by the time the guitar and trumpet come in around halfway, you might actually be dead. Add to that some eminently sing along lyrics – the Go break free, it’s not your responsibility refrain has been stuck in my head all week – and this is gorgeous.
B-Side A History of British Welfarism 1945-1984 has been around for a while – a version was included on last year’s Limbo Live compilation – but familiarity doesn’t hurt it. Less upbeat and poppy than Settle Down it shows off another side of Over The Wall. It too has a massive chorus.
All in this is a brilliant single. Buy it.

Over The Wall: MySpace
Settle Down is released by Motive Sounds and available now on 7″ from some record shops, or directly from here. The single is also available to download. Go get hold of their debut EP The Rise and Fall of Over The Wall while you are at it.