Single Review: Skies Fell – Statues


Glasgow four piece Skies Fell came to my attention a little while ago when they made their first single available for free download, which was good enough to make sure I kept an eye out for them.
Now their follow up single is ready for release, and it too is pretty good.

Skies Fell do the same kind of melodic alternative rock that many bands in Glasgow do, which often isn’t really up my street. Some bands do it well enough that they stand out from the pack and make music that I enjoy, even when I don’t expect to.
Obviously since I’m writing about Skies Fell, they manage to fall into the small bunch that I enjoy. Statues is punchy and short, with a big anthemic chorus and staccato guitar riffs, and does it’s job well. I prefer b-side Sharky and George though. It doesn’t seem to be related to the crime busters of the sea, but does have a bit of a water theme to the lyrics. It is a wee bit overblown, but entertaining rather than annoyingly so.
Good stuff from a band that have raised the bar for themselves rather high already, fingers crossed they keep living up to the standards they’ve set themselves.

Skies Fell: WebsiteMySpaceBandcamp
Statues is available August 9th from Bandcamp.