Single Review: The Kays Lavelle – Ten Times


I like The Kays Lavelle, I like them a lot. However I was unconvinced by the choice of their first single, The Hours. The Hours is a gorgeous song, but to me maybe not the best single to lead off with. But hey, what do I know? That’s why I write a blog and other people make these decisions.

New single Ten Times is much more like it though.
The Kays Lavelle do emotional and atmospheric as well as anyone does, and Ten Times really shows off the band’s strength in those departments. For the most part Ten Times is a pretty sparse affair, which makes the occasions where the entire band bursts into action a gorgeous contrast. Moody, atmospheric and really very good pretty much sums it up.
For the B-side The Japanese War Effort contribute a remix, which shaves a good two and a half minutes off the running time and rejiggles the song thoroughly, making it both different sounding enough to be worthwhile, but retaining enough of the original to be familiar. I always find it tough to review a remix, either they work for me or they don’t. This one does.
The Kays Lavelle: MySpace
Ten Times is available now as a free download from
The debut album ‘Be Still This Gentle Morning’ will be released on 17th May. Visit MySpace for details on upcoming gigs, including Glasgow and Edinburgh launch shows.