Single Review – The Paraffins: Something Good


Some things are just fun. This single by The Paraffins is one of those things.

Leading off with the electro-pop, low budget, super catchy Something Good, it takes mere seconds for a smile to cross my face.
By the time you get halfway through, just in time for the gloriously shout along chorus, you’ll probably either be in love or have already decided this isn’t your thing. It’s my kind of thing though, and therefore brilliant. Backing vocals on that chorus – go on, yell along, you know you want to – are credited to The Petrochemical Arms, who have a few familiar Second Hand Marching Band members in their number.

B-side Little Crunchy Surprises is like an advertising jingle on acid. Clocking in a 1:15 long, it certainly can’t be accused of outstaying it’s welcome. You know all those adverts on TV at the moment that feel the need to be incredibly annoying to worm their way into your head? Every time one comes on listen to little Crunchy Surprises instead, it’s a much more entertaining experience, and won’t kill any enjoyment of opera forever either.

Rounding off the single is a remix of Something Good, by Ben Butler & Mousepad. Not much to say about this really, remixes are near impossible for me to review unless they are (a) awful or (b) drastic reworkings of the original song. The remix here certainly isn’t awful, so it has that in it’s favour. It doesn’t do anything drastic either, beefing up the electro and being pleasantly bleepy.

All in, Something Good certainly lives up to it’s title.

Officially, Something Good is released on March 22nd. However, it is available already on eMusic and iTunes, so you don’t need to wait till then.

The Paraffins - Something Good - EP

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  1. Ian says:

    Great review Jim. I do love a wee bit of quality pop every now and then!