Storm The Charts


From the people behind Rage Against The Machine for Christmas Number 1 comes Storm The Charts, another Facebook campaign to get certain songs in the charts.
Now, if anyone has ever heard me on the subject they’ll know that I can rant for hours about my dislike of these stunts, and of Facebook campaigns in general. Why am I bothering to mention this one then? Well, there’s bands I like involved this time round, so I’ve flipped the hypocrite switch.

All the details can be found here, but what it all boils down to is that 40 independent artists have been picked, 20 by a panel, 20 by public voting, and the plan is to get as many as possible into the charts on Sunday, July 4th, what with it being Independence Day and all.
You can find the full 40 artists selected here, I’ll just be concentrating on the Scots.
The ones that interest me, along with a link to buy the relevant song, are:


  1. Zoey van Goey in the charts? I’ll take a piece of that pie!