Sunday Is Mocking Me


Sunday, the traditional day of rest. Staying in bed till lunchtime, filling up on fried food, reading papers, and watching around 10 hours of football. Sunday also tends to be the day I ignore gigs, until they are particularly tempting. Have you ever tried using public transport on a Sunday? It’s rubbish. This week has decided to mess my my plans though, by throwing three very tempting gigs at me.
I also have to get up early to help a friend move house, but that part presumably doesn’t apply to the rest of you.

At MacSorelys on Sunday we have Dave Hughes and Rob Moir playing. Regular readers should be familiar with Dave’s name at the very least, since there was a while he’d pop up in my news round up every week without fail, to the point I started giving him his own section. Dave Hughes is, like Shambles Miller (playing at tomorrow’s Aye Tunes gig – you didn’t think I’d miss a chance for a plug did you), one of the exemptions from my recent “I’m sick of acoustic guitar playing singers!” rants, since he is so very good at being one of them.
Despite The Blackout by Dave Hughes
Rob Moir is likely to be a much less familiar name. Hailing from Canada Rob is currently on a European tour, with a gig at The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh on Wednesday ahead of this Glasgow one on Sunday. Rob actually got in touch with me in an attempt to put together a gig. That didn’t come off, and I ended up putting together tomorrow’s Aye Tunes gig (I’ll stop with the plugs soon, honest) instead. The little bit of Rob  I’ve heard is very good indeed. This double bill, combining the fact that I keep missing Dave Hughes gigs and am unlikely to get a chance to catch Rob Moir very often, plus free entry, means I’m off to MacSoreleys on Sunday night, albeit probably with sore arms from carrying furniture.
This Is The Lie by rob moir

UPDATE: This gig has been cancelled. A wee bit further up the road at Stairway there’s a launch gig for the new Trapped In Kansas EP.Trapped In Kansas took less than 24 hours to shift all copies of How To Go in a presale on Saturday, which is always good to hear. The EP gets its full release on Monday October 3rd, having heard a copy I can tell you it is the best work the band have done yet, and I doubt I’ll be alone in saying so. Support at the launch gig comes from The Darian Venture, Aspen Tide and Hello Mexico, and tickets cost £5.
How To Go EP Sampler by Trapped in Kansas

Meanwhile, a little further to the west of the city, there’s a blooming awesome gig on at The Captain’s Rest.
Poor Things are about to give away a wee free download bundle called R U Sitting Comfortably, and are celebrating it with an eardrum bothering gig. Poor Things have taken my initial doubts about them and rammed them back down throat recently. After winning me round a good bit with their Innocence/18 single a while back I recently saw them twice in the space of a week, and am now fully converted. They are a far better band than I first though, and I’m happy to have been proven wrong. The sneak preview of Festival from R U Sitting Comfortably has me eager to hear the other tracks too.
Joining Poor Things for the gig are the raw but very promising As In Bear, my favourite junkyard popsters Male Pattern Band and Robin Dunne.
Festival by POOR THINGS