Super Adventure Club: Pick Up Sticks/SAC Attack – Single Review


I’m the World’s worst Super Adventure Club fan. They released their debut album Chalk Horror last year, I don’t own a copy. The gig pretty regularly, I’ve never been to see them. Determined to break this circle of shame I let out a little whoop of joy last week when it came to my attention that they’d snuck out this, their new single, a week early. Off I rushed to buy my copy, with the intention of listening, hopefully enjoying and getting a wee review done for here. Until now I only managed the listening and enjoying. I’m more than a bit rubbish.

Slightly ramshackle sounding, and endearingly so, the first thing to strike me about the single is that, much like Armellodie label-mates Cuddly Shark, Super Adventure Club don’t seem to take themselves too seriously. You suspect that being in Super Adventure Club would be loads of fun.
Having fun and a healthy attitude doesn’t mean you’ll make good music obviously, so thankfully the songs here are good too.

Opener Pick Up Sticks is gently bouncy, filled with lovely boy-girl harmonies, and an unexpected instrumental breakdown near the end. It’s so infectious that you do worry you might need a dose of antibiotics afterwards.
SAC Attack is a bit more in your face, at times it sounds like – and believe it or not this is a compliment – everyone involved is playing an entirely different song. Fortunately all those different songs that I’ve just invented manage to come together into one quite nicely. Plus the lyrics advise that you avoid zombies, and that’s something I find hard to argue with.
B-side Maths Rock (UK Curriculum) rounds out the package nicely, complete with diversions into jazz drumming and what I think is a slide whistle solo.

Three songs full of fun, wit, bags of charm and good tunes? Nothing really to complain about? That’ll be a big tick in the win column for the single then.

Pick Up Sticks/SAC Attack is out now on Armellodie Records. Look below to have a listen and buy from Bandcamp. The single is also available on the likes of iTunes and eMusic. There’s a launch gig for the single on Thursday February 4th in Nice n Sleazy’s. I should be there, do come say hi.

<a href="">Pick Up Sticks by Super Adventure Club</a>