Swift Hinterland Thoughts


I only managed one night, Friday. Even though my pass was free I’m still short enough on cash that two nights in Glasgow was stretching it. Damn my continuing joblessness.
Anyway, never saw a lot, but here’s what I caught.

Fangs @ Stereo. Whoa, been a Long time since I was in a single figure crowd to see a band. I’ve always been told that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, so I’ll just go ahead and move on quickly.

Eugene McGuinness @ Stereo. Staying where I was seemed a simple option, besides, I like Eugene. He can be a bit hit and miss, but he was good on Friday.

Sons & Daughters @ The Arches. Caught a tiny bit of the band before – Slow Club – but not enough to comment on really. Seemed quite good, and The Pop Cop liked them though. Sons & Daughters are always entertaining, though I’m thinking that I should probably take a break from seeing them for a while, ideally till they’ve got some new material. I find myself standing next to a huge speaker, this may not be such a god idea. Still good, but starting to suffer from me seeing them too much. Not their fault, to be fair. That was followed by a quick dash round the corner for…

Broken Records @ The Classic Grand. Missed the start. Jamie Sutherland has lost his voice. I’m entirely deaf in one ear due to the previous next-to-speaker incident. This combination means that Broken Records are merely alright. I don’t have the same degree of love for the band that most other bloggers seem to I’m affraid. I like them just fine, but not as much as everyone else does, and this gig hasn’t really changed anything for me on that score. I’ll try seeing them again sometime soon and keep an open mind for now.

Next comes an option of hanging around for an hour, deaf and almost skint, to see We Were Promised Jetpacks, or get myself home now. Ever tried to get from Glasgow to the arse end of Paisley in the middle of the night? I have, it’s not easy. With that in mind, it’s the train home for me.