T-Break Announced


I haven’t been paying much attention to T in the Park to be honest. I fear I’m too old for it now, and the main line up does nothing to convince me, or even think a little bit, that I’m missing out on anything by not paying attention.

However, tonight (or this morning for most people reading this) saw the line up for the T-Break stage announced, and there;s some really, really good bands involved.
Here;s the full line-up:
I’m of course delighted for all the bands who have been chosen to play at T-break this year, but I’m particularly happy for about half of them who have featured in one form or anther on this blog over the last year or so, and doubly happy for Mitchell Museum, who in one fell swoop have gone from playing a gig for a couple of guys that had no idea how to put on a gig to one of the major summer festivals.