TBreak 2012 Line-up Announced


Well, it’s that time of year again, as the bands chosen by a select band of elite soldiers to play the TBreak stage at this year’s T in the Park have been announced.

The bands are:

Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher
Bacchanal Party
Blank Canvas
Brown Bear & The Bandits
Chris Devotion and the Expectations
Davey Horne
Nevada Base
Open Swimmer
Randolph’s Leap
Roman Nose
The Machine Room
The Mirror Trap

I fed these details into an insane super computer, which rated them as shite (0) alright (5) and ace (10). Here are the results.

You can’t argue with science.

And here’s a bridge burning.


  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s clearly something wrong with your massive machine as Capitals are a pile of wank and I would rather listen to a paedo pissing in a pint of Tennents.

  2. Dave Hughes says:

    Science isn’t happy, it says you need more error bars on that graph.

    1. Jim Connick says:

      It’s the computer’s fault.