The Aye Tunes Awards – Everything Else


Lets see if we can get this out the way before January finishes, eh?
To be honest it’s taken me so long to shift my arse and actually finish these off that I’ve ended up dumping half the stuff I’d planned on mentioning, since I’ll be here all year getting round to doing it all.
Remember that shouting at me in the comments or in email to get my lazy arse in gear and do something should shame me into posting more.

Also, it seems I’m an idiot and saved this post instead of publishing it. Oh well, it’s here now.

“Where’d My Indie Cred Go?” Album of the Year:
Metallica – Death Magnetic. Point and laugh at me all you want, but as far as balls out, OTT riffing, headbanging, posturing thrash goes, this is the best aexample since, well, Ride The lightning or …And Justice For All. I could live without The Unforgiven III, but hey, I can’t have everything. Where would I put it? Also, severeal great Three! Word! Phrases! that just beg to be yelled along with. Also, the demo versions are great fun, with their nonsensical, unfinished lyrics. When I eventually get this for Guitar Hero I may have to give up blogging, as my hand might become crippled. Does everything you want from a Metallica album, and I make not the slightest apology for loving every bit of it.

Best Cover Version:
I briefly touched on covers when I was talking about debut albums, particulary the few lovely ones that Mark Morriss did last year, so here’s a whole category of them. Althought Frightened Rabbit made a valiant attempt at nicking this award by doing N-Trance’s Set You Free on the b-side of Heads Roll Off and The Saw Doctors took on The Sugababes About You Now to fine effect, the winner is The Wildhearts.
Their Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before cover version album was quite the treat, the only downside being that it was occasionally just too faithful to the original songs. There’s a cover of the largely forgotten Glasgow/Ayrshire band Baby Chaos on there and everything, which means I get to talk about it here without wandering too far off the Scottish Topic. The best of the songs and winner of this award is their take on Warren Zevon’s Carmelita, if for no other reason than every time I hear it, it puts a massive grin on my face – no easy task for a song about a heroin addicted writer it must be said. Sung by bassist Scott Sorry, it’s a rip-roaring version of Zevon’s already brilliant original.
The Wildhearts – Carmelita

Best Album – Scottish
Again Frightened Rabbit were the main rivals to our eventual winner, The Midnight Organ Fight is a really, really good album. Chances are were they not up against one of my personal favourite bands they’d have nicked top spot, but they’ll just have to settle for second.
For our winner we are going way back to the start of 2008 for Sons & Daughters – This Gift.
It had been a long wait between This Gift and previous album The Repulsion Box, but thanks to regular gigs in between Sons & Daughters managed to firmly nail themselves into my brain as a great band, particularly in that live setting. This Gift is a slightly more polished album than what came before, no doubt due to producer Bernard Butler. Don’t worry, he didn’t turn Adele into, well ADELE or anything, just maybe sandpapered down some of those rougher edges, leaving a fine slice of pop-rock-country-blues-country-folk fabulousness. My only complaint about the album at time of release was that Scott Paterson’s vocals seemed to be a bit downplayed, losing a bit of the boy/girl dynamic of previous songs, but that’s not a huge problem, and one much less apparent live too. If you can, try and get hold of the intitial CD release, which came with a bonus CD of half a dozen songs – five from This Gift and the cracking Iggy Pop version of Johnny Cash that the band had been playing live – recorded in Chemikal Underground’s CHEM13 studios.
Sons & Daughters Website

Best thing I Bought But Can’t Listen To:
If you don’t have a turntable, like me, buying vinyl is really rather pointless, so I’m usually sensible enough to not do it. I did have to make one exception though for Aloha Hawaii’s Towns On The Moon EP. Aidan Moffat, Stuart Braithwaite, 10″ vinyl, no CD or digital release. One day I’ll own a turntable and actually be able to tell you what it sounds like. Until then, I have a rather nice T-shirt to wear, since I bought the bundle pack.
Chemikal Underground Shop

Best Album – Other:
I won’t run through the list of contenders, there were lots.
Half Man Half Biscuit – CSI: Ambleside takes the prize. Some people will tell you that HMHB aren’t as good as they used to be, these people are wrong and aren’t to be trusted. CSI is as good as an album as any of their others, packed as usual with tunes, wit and more refrences than an episode of Spaced and thus fantastic.
HMHB – Took Problem Chimp To Ideal Home Show

“Ah, There’s My Indie Cred!” Special Award:
Zoey Van Goey haven’t done much so far. Loads of gigs, but just the two singles to date. Those two singles though? Lovely indie-folky pop. Hope to hear much more from them this year.
Zoey Van Goey – Sweethearts In Disguise

Eh, I reckon that’ll do us then.
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  1. peenko says:

    hey Jimbo,

    good to see something a bit different in your list to everyone else. Been hunting for that cover of the Baby Chaos tune, any chance you could post it up, as I loved BC back in the day

  2. Jim says:

    Aye, no probs, here it is, The Wildhearts doing Baby Chaos’s Rearrange You –

    A wee bit weird to hear, considering that BC were regularly being compared to the Wildhearts back in the day.

  3. peenko says:

    superb mate, thanks a mill

  4. JC says:

    I hadnt forgotten about Baby Chaos – there’s a couple of CD singles skulking about on the shelves.

    I reckon the HMHB album is actually about as good as anything they’ve ever released.

    Oh and I’ll of course back Frightened Rabbit over S&D for album of 2008….

  5. Jim says:

    baby Chaos’s “Love Your Self Abuse” album shows up on my mp3 player wen it’s on random now & then. Never cared for them all that much at the time, strange that I liked them more later.

    Like I said, any other year Frightened Rabbit would probably have been my favourite, but I’ve lived with that Sons & Daughters album for over a year now and just couldn’t see beyond it.

    One of the best gigs I saw this year was Sons & Daughters too, with Frightened Rabbit supporting. I’m ashamed to say that that was the first time I’d heard FR, a mistake I made up for throughout the year.

  6. JC says:

    Oh…that ws the night FR were supposed to be headlining at Oran Mor (which strangely enough was where I was). That night I enoyed Popup and The Jetpacks, but ledt three songs into what I tjought was an appalling FR replacemnt in Make Model.

  7. Jim says:

    I don’t mind Make Model, but I doubt I’d have been pleased to see them instead of FR either.

  8. b says:

    I think my favorite award is the “Where’d My Indie Cred Go?” Album of the Year- make no apologies!!! but don’t cripple your hand. Actually, I had read in a few different places (magazines, mostly at the dentist) that the album was tons of fun.

    I’ll admit it took me awhile to get into the Wildhearts’ version of Carmelita but I’m starting to dig it.

    Haha, I’m sorry you had to shave off your beard, but at the same time, I will always be a proponent of the no-beard, unless you are fighting in the Civil War :) Good luck with the job thing!

    And yes, I did receive the file (sorry!) though I cannot find where I put it on my desktop, though I do remember downloading and putting it there. . . I probably for once moved it to wear the music files are supposed to go. . . figures.

  9. b says:

    well, still can’t find it so i’m downloading it again :) it’ll be good listening to accompany the paper i hafta write tonight (if i make it through the day.) still haven’t seen the movie, though- what do you think about their plans to remake it with will smith?

  10. Ah Fong says:

    i listened to the entirety of sex drugs and designer rock n roll in virgin one day, thinking ill buy that later.
    needless to say i didnt, but now wish i did