The Aye Tunes Birthday Bash


As I’ve mentioned already, I’m putting on a wee birthday gig.

Aye Tunes, the blog you are currently looking at, started up three years ago this week on June 1st 2008. Admittedly it took around a year between starting up and me actually doing anything, but we’ll gloss over that part.
It is also my birthday on June 18th. I’ll be a good bit older than the blog.
On the 17th, two weeks today, the birthday gig takes place at The Flying Duck in Glasgow The Flying Duck is a wee bit hidden, but once you work out where it is it is a doddle to find. It is on Renfield Street, just across from the big Cineworld, there’s a map and stuff on the website.
Playing at the gig are The Big Nowhere, Black International and Verse Metrics. On the off chance you don’t know the bands don’t worry, I’ll be introducing them to you between now and the gig here. You can get a head start by reading the interview Black International did a with me last November, or indeed the track by track guide to their debut album In Debt.
If you are into that kind of thing you can let me know you are coming on Facebook.
Everyone is invite to come along and partake in some good music, some beverages, and watching me stress out. There’s a catch though, I’m going to make you pay for the pleasure. Entry is £3, which isn’t too shabby for three bands.
Sorry, but to try and minimise the chances of my head exploding I need to try and not make it both the most stressful and the most expensive birthday I’ve had!