The BAMS World Cup – Final Standings


Since the last post on the BAMS World Cup was the most read post on Aye Tunes in the past month, here’s another now that the competition is all done and dusted.

Team Aye Tunes held steady to claim a credible third place, while there was late drama as Dear Scotland overtook A Tidal Wave of Indifference following Saturday’s Third/Forth place play off, and just about hung on to top spot to win the whole shebang.
Dear Scotland also collect the Golden Boot, with their higher number of assists being used to break the tie on goals scored.
Further down, Elba Sessions clearly paid the price for having greedy players, as they racked up 20 goals, but a mere 6 assists. Phil Elba takes the bragging rights from the two Elba Sessions teams, placing a few points above Chris.
Down in 12th spot The Vinyl Villain is claiming a moral victory for not making any changes to his squad since the competition started.
Jockrock ended up stranded at the bottom of the table, but we’ll be nice to them, they were unable to access their team throughout the entire World Cup, so ended up with a bit of a duff line up. They still managed to pick up some goals though.
Most shot shy was Jim Gellatly, who will have delighted most of us mean bloggers with his poor showing. With a mere 7 goals and 7 assists Gellatly’s Goal Getters failed to live up to their name.


  1. Peej says:

    Does this mean Jim Gellatly gets relegated? If so, where to?

  2. Jim says:

    Not sure. He might have to select his Euro 2012 team now and spend two years qualifying for the next BAMS tournament.