The BAMS World Cup


You might have noticed there’s been some football on recently, but what you might not have noticed is some of the Scottish Blogs and Music Sites (the BAMS for short) showing a higher than normal desire for a North Korean full back to pick up a clean sheet, a Uruguay striker to net a brace, along with howls of outrage at an unjust booking or an injury time goal.

The reason for all this is simple, we’ve got a World Cup Fantasy League. With the semi finals a day away now seems a good time to check in, see who has been doing well, and mock those that have underachieved.
The Aye Tunes team has suffered from mixed fortunes. Stays at the top of the table have been sighted, but only briefly. Accidentaly using half of the allotted transfers while drunk one night did us no favours, neither did rash decisions made after a poor afternoon game, inspiring points chasing changes for the evening game which almost never worked well. That being said, team Aye Tunes has for the most part lurked around the higher parts of the table, and with four games to go sits n third place. The final games of the tournament will decide whether I can hold on to that spot, or plummet down the table. With all my transfers used up half my team will only have one meaningful game left, but I will be more interested in Saturday’s Third/Forth Place Playoff match than I normally would.
Currently, the league looks a bit like this:

If by the end of the week you find that myself, Dear Scotland, The Tidal Wave of Indifference, Jocknroll, Elba Sessions and Favourite Son aren’t talking to each other, or one of us is laughing at all the others, you’ll know why.
Additionally Jockrock has an excuse for being bottom, Stuart hasn’t been able to access his team since before the World Cup started. Jim Gellatly has no excuse though..


  1. Camelglasses says:

    Major unfair. I was on holiday in France last week! Couldn’t change my team! It’s a miracle I didn’t come last…

  2. peenko says:

    Dear Jim, get fucked ;)

  3. Jim says:

    Dear Peenko, no :)

  4. Peej says:


  5. Kowalskiy says:

    3 games to go, 27 points in it Peenko….




  6. JC says:

    I’m the only purist who picked his XI at the strat of the contest and made no transfers. I therefore claim a moral victory

  7. Peej says:

    JC – I believe the Amish have similar rational beliefs and I respect that.

    From wikipedia : “The Amish are known for simple living, plain dress, and a reluctance to adopt modern convenience or make any transfers to their fantasy teams once the World Cup has started.”

  8. Jim says:

    Also, the moral victory will have to be shared out, Jockrock and Kinlochie took the same purist approach.

  9. JC says:

    Aye…..but I got way more points than Jockrock and Kinlochie. I am the moral victor (and anyone who says otherwise is invited for a square go at The Flying Duck on Saturday night….(