The C Word


No, not that C word. Or that one either.


There, I said it, in November. If I have to suffer through a dreadful CD of Christmas songs in work then I’m allowed to bring it up on the blog, that’s the deal.

For years now, both here on Aye Tunes and before that on previous blogs, I’ve ran an advent calendar of sorts on the blog, treating readers to a festive themed song each day of December up until Christmas, because that’s how advent calendars work.

There’s tons of songs banked from previous years, but it is always more interesting and fun if there’s something new I can include. With this in mind, I turn to any bands and/or artists that might be reading. Are you planning a Christmas song, EP, whatever? Do let me know, I’d like to include it here if you are.

Now, last year there was an awkward turn of events when a band didn’t quite get what I was doing with the advent calendar posts, and completely fell out with me. To avoid that happening again I’ll clear one or two things up.
While I’m always happy to plug something a band is giving away for free, that’s not really the point of the advent calendar. I’m sure the EP you released in March is great, but unless there’s an oddly timed Christmassy song on there that you want me to link to, it isn’t going in the advent calendar. It might go in Friday Freebies though, which will sill carry on.
Also, ideally I’m looking for free stuff. I’m not saying I won’t plug your special Christmas release if it costs money, but it won’t be at the top of my list, so don’t bug me if I don’t get to it.
Lastly, I’m mainly after stuff that can be downloaded here. That video of your band drunkenly ruining something is great, yes, but no, I don’t want to post it.

There, hopefully that’ll stop anyone else falling out with me over a misunderstanding. Now they can just fall out with me for having a series of rules and guidelines covering a silly run on themed posts instead.

So if you and/or your band have something up your sleeve, be it new, found in a vault, or a cover you’ve thrown together in rehearsal  get in touch. The sooner the better, as these things start on December 1st and I like to attempt to plan ahead.