The Scottish Enlightenment – Pascal EP


I mentioned this last week in the new releases round up, but this is the first that I’ve managed to batter through laziness to write a wee bit more about it.

The Scottish Enlightenment first came to my attention around October last year when, apparently after a lengthy hiatus, they posted a few tracks as a free download, and I was pointed in their direction. The freebies were excellent, and the band were filed away in my head as one to keep an eye out for.
When I heard they had an EP of songs that wouldn’t be on their upcoming album ready to go I was eagerly anticipating it then, even more so when some friends got their mitts on review copies and taunted me with how good it sounded. I waited impatiently on release, even going so far as checking to see if the label Armellodie would sneak it out early like they’ve done with the last couple of Super Adventure Club releases, every day for the week before release.
When I’m that hyped up for a release it would be really easy to be let down by it. Especially considering that the EP was to be composed of songs that hadn’t for whatever reason made the cut for the album. Let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to it, the Pascal EP is no collection of duff songs, it’s gorgeous, and more than lived up to the expectations I had heaped upon it.
The whole thing can be sampled using the wee player at the bottom of the post, so I won’t bother telling you what it sounds like, you can spare 20 minutes some time and find out for yourself.
If you are like me the dreamy, slow paced melodies will quickly have you hooked, and thinking something along the lines of “if this is the stuff that didn’t make the album, how bloody good is it going to be?”. All Homemade Things is one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. Simple, understated, and a bit brilliant. But there I go, raising my expectations again. Somehow I don’t think I’m going to be let down.
If you aren’t like me and find yourself unimpressed, well, you are of course entitled to your opinion, just know that it is wrong, sorry.
The Scottish Enlightenment: WebsiteBandcamp
The Scottish Enlightenment’s Pascal EP is released by Armellodie Records and available now.