This Week’s Gigs: 11th – 17th October


Well after complaining a few weeks ago that I wasn’t posting enough in between gig listings I’ve spectacularly failed to do anything at all in the last week. Poor show Jim. The “to be listened to/reviewed” pile is threatening to take over my life, so I will attempt to get laid into that this week. Wish me luck and in the meantime here’s what is going on gig wise.

Vendor Defender, Cancel the Astronauts. Electric Circus, Edinburgh


Dan Mangan, Bear Bones. Captain’s Rest
Don’t want to watch the football? There aren’t an awful lot of other options, but this one sticks out. Good luck getting fighting your way to the bar upstairs though.
Detour. Bloc. Free.
As usual the Detour boys are keeping tight lipped on the line up for this gig, but their track history means they are trustworthy types, so it ought to be good.
More details on this one over on Facebook.
Vendor Defender launch their new single Golden Shivers. Tickets and the single are available here.
Trapped Mice, Hiva Oa. Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh.
Aspen Tide. Ceol-Mor, Inverness
Jonathan Sebastian Knight. Tchai-Ovna House of Tea.
Mr. Knight is playing a double header on Friday, with two 40 minute sets, one at 8pm the next at 9pm, and entry is free.
B-Movie Junkies. Classic Grand.
Oxjam Takeover. Classic Grand, Sub Club, Pivo Pivo, The Admiral, Sloans, Stereo. Tickets
Dominating Saturday, this is a pretty mighty one. The line up so far includes Alan McKim, Any Color Black, Astral Planes, The Black Hand Gang, Blue Sky Archives, Cities and Skylines, Fiction Faction, Homework, Isa & the Filthy Tongues, John Rush, Keep It Secret, Little Yellow Ukuleles, The Lonely Boy, Louise McVey & The Cracks In The Concrete, Marco Polo, Mike Nisbet, Paws, Sonny Marvello, St. Deluxe, Toy Fires, Tragic O’Hara, The Vigo Thieves, We’re Only Afraid of NYC, The Winter Tradition and Young Fathers, spread out over the six venues. For the sake of my sanity I’m skipping the usual links to the bands. Early bird tickets are currently available for £6, but the price goes up soon so get in quick. I’ll see if I can get hold of who is on where and when and post that during the week.
Launch gig for the excellent SHe’S HiT/Jacob Yates split single.
Apsen Tide. Hustler’s, Dundee.
The Ballad of Alex K, Shambles Miller, Paul McGranaghan. the Hidden Lane Tea Room.
Honeytrap, Jesus H. Foxx, Sebastian Dangerfield. Medina, Edinburgh.
Since this takes place in the home of Song, by Toad numbers are limited, so if you fancy going buy a ticket.
I’ve already babbled about this one before, so go read my preview here.