This Week’s Gigs 12th – 18th July

Last week was quiet, this week is insane. Typical. Do try not to wear yourself out early in the week please, we need as many of you as possible alive and in The 13th Note on Saturday.

Comma. Pivo Pivo.
These gents impressed a few weeks ago with their new EP, which we covered in the Round Up Reviews, so I’m looking forward to checking them out live.

Scott Hutchison, Ross Clark, My Cousin I Bid You Farewell. Stereo.
Acoustic shenanigans from people in bands you might have heard of, with proceeds going to the A-T Society.
So Many Animal Calls, Queen Jane, 100 Paper Boats. Captain’s Rest
Go get our mitts on a free download from So Many Animal Calls here, it is really rather good.
Mitchell Museum. Album launch, Secret Location.
See the Mitchell Museum blog for more details on this one. There’s also an instore gig at Fopp on Union Street on Wednesday too.
Silver Columns, Midnight Lion, Nevada Base, MOPP. King Tut’s.
Tut’s is attempting to dominate the Glasgow gigs for the next few weeks, starting with this, the first of their Summer Nights series. Some are good, some are a bit ropey, and their website has a good handful of spelling errors. Tonight’s gig features two bands I like and two I don’t much care for, you can work out who is who yourself if you want to.
A line up where I don’t have to go out for fag breaks to avoid the dross means this is a much better choice of gig for the evening. Cuddly Shark had one of my favourite albums last year, The Red Show have been entertaining when I’ve seen them previously, and I’ve blethered at length before about my enjoyment of The Lava Experiments, so this looks to be a winner all round.

Saturday is, of course, all about Aye Tunes vs Peenko II. Advance tickets available here, where you can also listen to a song from each of the bands. Buy a ticket and get a free three song download. Go on go on go on go on.
In case you have forgotten, or can’t read the poster above, playing live are:
We’re Only Afraid of NYC who Lauren Laverne said “I’ve heard some amazing Scottish bands and one that stands out is an unsigned Glasgow band called We’re Only Afraid Of NYC” about.
Randolph’s Leap who The Scotsman called “nonsense of the best kind”
Little Yellow Ukuleles, about whom Tom Robinson said
“even in a city reknowned for fresh and original guitar pop, you’d have to say that is a remarkably assured debut record”
See, it isn’t just us that loves these bands! Do come along to The 13th Note on Saturday, you’ll make me and Peenko ever so happy. We might even give you sweets, and a hug.


  1. Dan says:

    Thursday nights a tough choice. Even tougher if your from Ayrshire as The Underdog Theory and The Girobabies launch a new weekly gig night in West of the Moon in Ayr. Free entry