This Week’s Gigs: 16th – 21st November


So very late. That’s likely to be a repeating refrain for the next wee while, but this time I have an excuse, as I’ve had to kiss goodbye to a large slice of my free time to be an underpaid under trained shop monkey for a while. Anyone out there want to employ me? I can count, don’t nick stuff, speak in sentences, know lots of useless stuff and deal with customers ranging from pleasant to utter arsehole. I’m from Paisley after all, so I have a lot of experience with the latter types. Anyway, enough about me, on with the gigs.

Slow Club: Lovers Turn To Monsters, Turning Plates. Bloc, free entry.
Gold Panda, Yahweh. King Tut’s. (Tickets)
Detour 1st Birthday. Bloc, free entry
Shamefully I’ve only ever made it along to the very first Detour and now here they are a year on, having a birthday. As usual these days the line up is secret, but it is unlikely to disappoint.
Oh Thursday, you sneaky bugger…

Randolph’s Leap, Inspector Tapehead, Blochestra. Captain’s Rest, free entry.

Aye Tunes Vs peenko II co-stars launch their new EP, Battleships and Kettle Chips, with a free gig in The Captain’s Rest. The EP is the first release by Olive Grove Records, a new label set up by pals of mine. All of which gives me a good reason to dodge actually writing an EP review under conflict of interests grounds, but the EP is very very good nonetheless and available to buy here.
Now for the sneaky bit…
The Scottish Enlightenment bring their debut album St Thomas to Glasgow. The album is an absolute stunner. A bit of a slow burn maybe, but once it gets its hooks in? Oh boy. The album is available here now, and my gig going on Thursday may have to be settled with a coin toss.
Chasing Owls, The Last Battle, Micah Vincent. Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh.
No one has really told me what is happening in Edinburgh this week, so don’t blame me for that side of the country being under represented in the gig guide, I’m not a bloody mind reader. This one looks good though.
Ex Libras. Maggie Mays (Tickets)
Londoners Ex Libras are in Glasgow on Friday. Initially didn’t quite see what the fuss was over this band, but their most recent EP Cut(s) is a wee bit good, so I may be forced to backpedal.
On Saturday I attempt to do my own multi venue festival thing again, kicking off with Endor and Cancel The Astronauts doing something for Pop Goes The Revolution early on. I think that is technically secret though, so if you want to know more you’ll need to ask me, or the bands.
Over The Wall, Kasule. Captain’s Rest. (Tickets)
Continuing a pretty flipping good for launches Over The Wall play The Captain’s Rest to launch their debut album. I talked a bit about that just the other day, so go here to catch up.
Let’s Talk About Trees. Stereo.
Rounding off a busy day and also with their own debut album to launch are Let’s Talk About Trees. This is a late kick off, starting around 11pm with the band on about midnight. Hopefully we’ll be having a few words with Let’s Talk About Trees this week and might be able to tell you a little more about what to expect of the album launch.
I suspect there might be a quite tipsy Jim on the night bus home on Saturday.
Kid Canaveral, The Last Battle. Avalanche, Edinburgh.
Cheeky wee instore gig at the newly reopened Avalanche with a pair of splendid bands.
Oops, forgot this one on the first draft. ANOTHER album launch, this time for The Plimptons. Also a very good album. One day I’ll get through the pile and actually review these things instead of just saying they are good. Anyway, in addition to four bands your £6 entry fee will also get you a copy of the album in question, 00s Nostalgia With the Plimptons. Bargain.
It took me well over a year to get round to seeing Kochka play live and since then I seem to have seen them every few weeks. I’m quite happy to make up for lost time, they are a band well worth seeing.
Rachel Sermanni, Luke Cairns. The Captain’s Rest
The Riot Before, Mondegreen. The Universal.