This Week’s Gigs 19th – 25th July


Before I get on to the gig guide, a huge thank you to everyone that came along to The 13th Note last night, everyone that helped us get the word out through a blog post, a tweet, or by carving messages in the oldest cliff face in the World, and of course to our three fantastic bands. Our first act was a hard act to follow, but I think we just about got away with it.

Now, what’s on this week? The King Tut’s Summer Nights gigs dominate evenings in Glasgow this week, but there’s a few other things going on too.
The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, Lou Hickey, Crow Road, Bear Bones. King Tut’s.
The first of this week’s Summer Nights gig is quite a tempting one. Were I not skint till Tuesday I’d be heading along to this, but alas I am poor.
Second Hand Marching Band, Julia and the Doogans, Martin James & Associates, Kitty The Lion. King Tut’s.
Tut’s again provides a cracking gig for Tuesday. I’m not familiar with Martin James, but he is from Paisley, so he is OK by me. Everyone else is well worth catching, and I’m long overdue seeing Kitty the Lion. For discount tickets hit up Julia and the Doogans or SHMB.
Here Is Where 2: Wounded Knee & 7VWWVW. CCA.
Wounded Knee and 7VWWVW (pronounced Mammal, turn it upside down) combine to perform a specially composed score to the best bits of Weir’s Way. Now there’s a sentence I don’t get to type often. More details on Facebook.
Dave Hughes, Gecko. 13th Note.
Trembling Bells, Hidden Masters. Stereo 
The Ideal Crash, St Deluxe (acoustic), Lewis Wilson. Captain’s Rest.
Little Yellow Ukuleles, The Void. Bloc. Free.
AvP co-stars the Yooks play a freebie, along with The Void. Chances of someone drowning in a sea of Balkan = high.
Astral Planes, Galleries, Cancel The Astronauts, Casino Brag. King Tut’s.
Looks like I’m spending a significant amount of time in Tut’s this week then? Astral Planes and Cancel The Astronauts are two bands that we like a lot round here, yet I’ve never managed to catch live before. About time I sorted that out. Contact Cancel the Astronauts for super cheap tickets and they’ll throw in a free download of their new EP!
Mammoeth, Randolph’s Leap. Classic Grand.
Launch gig for the Mammoeth debut album, Nascent, with support from AvPII co-stars Randolph’s Leap you say? Sold, I say. My wallet and liver might hate me by the end of the week.


  1. theschultz says:

    What the hell is going on here? I’m confused and disoriented.

  2. Jim says:

    Mwahahaha, my plan is working.