This Week’s Gigs: 1st – 6th March

How did it get to be March already? I’ve failed to do anything I planned to in February. Oops.
It is, as usual, a hefty week for gigs. Before I get into it though, a whiny little request: if you have a Facebook page for yourself/your band, and at the rate that MySpace is becoming utterly useless you probably should have, then you can make life a little easier by getting yourself a custom page URL. You only need to have about 20 fans to get one I think, and it is so much less of a pain for me to link to. Also, if you only have a MySpcae page then every Sunday when that blooming thing freezes my browser I will have a lot of hate for you. Ta!
Well, that’s a pretty sweet way to kick off a month and no mistake, with not a duff band on the bill. This is Trapped In Kansas’s first Glasgow gig of the year and to celebrate they are giving away an exclusive new track at it, only available to those that attend the gig.

Miaoux Miaoux. Mono. Free.
If you visit Aye Tunes and don’t love Miaoux Miaoux by now we clearly can’t be soul mates, sorry.
Flats, Aspen Tide, Rosewood. King Tut’s. (Tickets)
This Silent Forest launch their new single. If I get myself organised there’ll be more on the blog about the single before the gig takes place.
I dare say a significant slice of the crowd will be there for the supports, rather than Wild Palms.
PAWS launch their new EP, with a gig line-up I’d bite my hand off to put on myself.
Another Ides of Toad gig. These are coming thick and fast at the moment, which considering the first was the day after the first Aye Tunes Presents gig means I am seriously slacking, and need to put something on soon.
Speaking of Aye Tunes Presents, Trapped Mice who played at that first one are launching their second EP. I just might have to make another trip to Edinburgh for this, which is pretty much as high praise as a line up can get from me.

Mocker, The Tenemants, Vendors, The Sneaky Russians, Catie Pilgrim. The Courtyard, West Nile St. 1pm to 6pm. £2


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