This Week’s Gigs


Welcome to another exciting round up of the gigs happening this week, or as I like to think of it, the weekly attempt to steal all my money and ruin my liver as I realise just how much is on.

If any bands are playing Glasgow on Friday then I’m sorry, but this week you aren’t getting a mention.
The Paraffins, Sugar Crisis and Magic Box Mistress can be found at Pivo Pivo, and entry is only £1.
Shambles Miller has another gig? Why yes, he does. He’s quite the hard worker. Sloans Ballroom, 8pm, £4.
Always Read The Label are playing at Box. It’s free.
Also on Wednesday you can catch Kochka at The Buff Club in Glasgow.
Spy Movie have a launch gig for their new single at Stereo. Also on the bill are Julia and the Doogans, The Hardy Boys and Always Me, Me, Me.
Also on Thursday over at The Captain’s Rest is what would have been my gig of the week, were it not for what’s happening there on Friday. Eat Dr Ape, Palace Ballet, Mickey 9’s and Vendor Defender. I predict dancing.
If you are in Edinburgh then you could do a lot worse than hop along to The Roxy Room, where eagleowl are having a launch gig for their new EP, followed by an after party at Sneaky Pete’s. The EP is very good too, as you’d expect from Eagleowl.
For those of you in Glasgow, or going to Glasgow on Friday night, then I’m duty bound to ask you to come to The Captain’s Rest. If you have to ask why then you haven’t been paying attention. Friday sees the very first Peenko Vs Aye Tunes gig, and even if I wasn’t putting it on I’d be advising you to go anyway. If you didn’t know already, on the bill are Campfires in Winter, Mitchell Museum and Kid Canaveral. It all kicks off at 8pm, and it’s £5 on the door. If you hurry £4 are still available. The Alarm at The ABC is sold out, so come to us instead.
Afterwards join some of us in heading along to The Flying Duck for Pinup Nights. DJing on the night are Ed from 17 Seconds, Jason from The Pop Cop, Nick from Radar, some of the Glasgow PodcART team, and Lloyd, the Peenko half of Aye Tunes Vs Peenko. It costs a fiver, but rumour has it that you can get £1 off with a ticket for our gig.
Oh alright, I wil mention one other Glasgow gig happening on Friday. It’s at The Liquid Ship, which is practically next door to The Captain;s Rest, so you could potentially get to it and ours. Playing there are Julia and the Doogans, Stevie & the Moon and Lovers Turn To Monsters. Kyle Wood, AKA Lovers Turned To Monsters, designed the Peenko Vs Aye Tunes poster for us, so it’s only fair I give his gig a mention.
Glasgow’s chance to get a bit of eagleowl action, as they have another EP launch, this time at The Flying Duck.
Edinburgh folk have Machar Granite at The Wee Red Bar, along with the Lorraine McCauley Band and Tam’s Railway.
Back in Glasgow, Ace City Racers are having what they call a May Day Tea Party. It takes places at The Victoria Bar at The Clutha, doors are at 8pm, and it’ll cost you £2.
Not quite a gig, but looking pretty good, is WPM1. This is the first ever Words Per Minute event, which promises to mix spoken word, live music, film and performance. The event takes place in Creation Studios in Glasgow at 4pm on Sunday, and features animations of a literary bent from Ewan Morrison, poetry from Colin Begg, readings from Anneliese MacKintosh and Kirstin Innes. and both a live performance and a DJ set from Miaoux Miaoux. I’m a little worried that when I turn up at this Julian of Miaoux Miaoux will think I’m stalking him.
You can find more information on Words Per Minute here.
For those waiting on it, it doesn’t look like there’ll be a “This Week’s Records” post this week, since as far as I can see there’s only one new release, Admiral Fallow‘s debut album.