This Week’s Gigs: 20th – 26th December


There isn’t all that much on this week and to be honest I haven’t looked all that hard for things for the gig guide. I’m also writing this in a grumpy mood having missed Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles yesterday and the constant falling of snow outside my window right now making my plans to go to Glasgow for Mitchell Museum & The Seventeenth Century tonight decidedly shaky…

Before we get on to the gigs just a quick reminder that Jer Reid’s Winter Cycle is still running every day at mid day in Stereo.
Ginger is, along with E of Eels and Nick Cave, high on my list of the best songwriters in the past twenty odd years, and we never miss a Ginger gig in Glasgow. This time round Ginger and friends will be playing a set made up mostly of Wildhearts songs. Support comes from Sluts of Trust and the specially reformed Baby Chaos.
Dirty Keys, The Hate 80s, Danger Danger. The Captain’s Rest
Dirty Keys gave us a Christmas song the other day and The Hate 80s are an alterego of El Dog, who provided us with one today. Entry is only £1, so if you have nothing else to do on Monday night this is worth a go.
Olive Grove Records Christmas Party. The 13th Note, free entry.
Our wee Olive Grove pals are throwing a Christmas bash, with music from Esperi, Randolph’s Leap and RM Hubbert.
Lou Hickey, Baby Taylor, Acutones. King Tut’s (Tickets)
We like Lou round here.
Probably no gig guide next week, I’ll be busy stuffing myself with food, playing with presents, writing up Readers’ Poll results and attempting to pick some of my favourite songs of the year instead, but if there’s anything good happening I’ll get something done about it.


  1. Sylvia says:

    Yes, go stuff yourself. ;)
    Happy Christmas x