This Week’s Gigs: 20th – 26th September


There’s either less on this week than there has been recently, or no one has been telling me about their gigs. Since some weeks recently have been quite ridiculous with the number of good gigs this isn’t so bad. Either way what the week lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.

A little Wiseblood Industries night. Yifi have been quiet for a while, so much so that this is their first Glasgow gig in over a year. We love Burnt Island round here, so their place is on the bill adds even more reason to get along to this one. Jamie Sturrock released a new EP on Wiseblood just recently, which you can get your hands on for free right here.

I’m not personally much of a Sufjan Stevens fan, but the line up of artists playing at this make it worth a good look. There will be performances and collaborations from Open Swimmer, Washington Irving, Julia & The Doogans, The Last Battle, Randolph’s Leap, Endor, Esperi, Quickbeam and more. I hear there will be cakes too.
Carnivores and Pacific Theatre launch their pretty excellent split single with a free gig in Bloc, joined by the brilliantly named Penguins Kill Polar Bears. Get down early, this should be a good one.
Darren Hayman, Gordon McIntyre (ballboy), Withered Hand. Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh.
I’ve got much less of a clue what is happening through in Edinburgh this week, but I do know that former Hefner frontman Darren Hayman is in town to play songs from his new album, with some excellent local support lending a hand. No hand pun intended.
Oh You Dancer launch night. The Admiral.
New club night Oh You Dancer kicks off, promising “an electro/ glitch/ 8-bit/ techno night of audio visual mayhem” with residents Daisuke joined by guests Data Rape and DJ Rambunctious. It all takes place between 11pm and 2am, and typing all that made me feel really quite old.
Zoobiezaretta, White Heath. Captain’s Rest. £2.
Zoobiezaretta finally have their album finished, and are playing a launch gig to celebrate. The album is, from the quick listen I’ve had to it, very good. For the Edinburgh launch gig see Saturday.
Pin Up Nights – Geek Night. The Flying Duck.
Once again it is Pin Ups time. This month’s party has a geek theme, with Angelos Epithemiou from Shooting Stars as the guest DJ, and live sets from the ace BMovie Junkies, PAWS and Heart Beats.
Don’t know much about Cryoverbillionaires to be honest, but we like Trapped In Kansas and Your Neighbour The Liar.
Slow Club Mini Fest. The Flying Duck.
Loads of good folk playing at this, visit the Facebook page linked above for all the details.
Campfires In Winter, Little Doses, Dante. Captain’s Rest.


  1. Matthew says:

    Also in Edinburgh, on Saturday: Zoobizaretta, White Heath, Sebastian Dangerfield & Loch Awe at Sneaky Pete’s.