This Week’s Gigs 21st – 27th June


Hello everyone, I’m back from the pub. I’ve got a massive amount of things to get caught up on this week, so let’s hurry up and get the gig guide out of the way first of all.

Super Adventure Club, United Fruit and Rodent Emporium. Captain’s Rest.
Launch gig for the new SAC single, Hip Hop Hot Pot Pot Noodle. Good single, but the title is a bloody nightmare to say when drunk.
Aerials Up, Captain’s Rest
The West End Festival continues to dominate the gig calendar this week, as you can see already.
Paws, Adam Stafford and Bronto Skylift. Bloc, free.
Paws play a launch gig for new single Violent Vicky Violet, and rope in label boss Adam Stafford to support, along with the brilliant and noisy as Hell Bronto Skylift. Free entry makes it near impossible to say no to this one.
Washington Irving, Palace Ballet. Brel
Meanwhile, back in the West End…
Silver Shakes Presents: Vendor Defender, Nevada Base, Gdansk, The Cinnamons, White Heath and Little Fire. Captain’s Rest.
Blimey, that’s quite a line up.
Shambles Miller, Andrew Lindsay. La Cheetah Club, £5.
Lou Hickey, Sean G. ABC2, £6.
Scotland’s Most Eligible Woman 2010 (not, as we called her in the pub last night, Most Available Woman, which is a much less prestigious title) takes to the stage in a gig presented by Club Noir to show off her solo material.
The Noise Abatement Society, with Yahweh, RM Hubbert, The Japanese War Effort and Field Mouse. Somewhere in the West End of Glasgow.
An intriguing one this. The line up is cracking, but the venue is currently being kept secret, the only hints given are that it will be at “a unique residential venue in the West End of Glasgow”, with the location being revealed to ticket holders before the gig (since telling them after the gig would obviously be a bit pointless). Cue me getting hopelessly lost on Friday night, I don’t know where anything is in the west end. Tickets are very limited and available here. You’ll also get a download of a song by each artist playing, which is arguably worth the £4 alone.
It is the end of the month, so it is time for Pinup Nights. In addition to the three bands playing (including future Aye Tunes Vs Peenko co-stars Little Yellow Ukuleles) there’s the usual host of DJs too. Head along to the website for all the details, including how to get cut price entry.
PKPB launch their new EP, Dawn.
Final offering from the West End Festival for the week, and it is another tasty one.


  1. Would also be worth noting that Empires, of Edinburgh fame are playing Pivo Pivo on Friday night (tonight) of which is a free show!